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Hard Decisions

It’s been a really hard time around here lately as some of you know. Being mostly unemployed for three years has led to a number of hard choices. Well one of the hardest is going to happen later this week. … Continue reading

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Progress in Yellow Sky

This round of edits on “Coyote’s Pup” have been sent off to Laura for editing. With luck everything will be done by next weekend so I can go on sale. The revamping, or unvamping, of “Blood Moon Yellow Sky” is … Continue reading

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Hard at work

Been a busy week around here so far. Jay has managed to get the finishing touches on the website for AJ, check out he also got touch ups done on, and is about to start work on http://www.mystichawker.comContinue reading

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Winds of Change

Fall is coming, that what the weather man said a few minutes ago on the noon news. If you’ve been outside up here in the mountains you know that the seasons are changing. The aspen trees are turning the mountains … Continue reading

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