Winds of Change

Fall is coming, that what the weather man said a few minutes ago on the noon news. If you’ve been outside up here in the mountains you know that the seasons are changing. The aspen trees are turning the mountains to rivers of gold and fire, the elk are coming down and the humming birds are gone to warmer climates.

Watching the news, both corporate and real, we see that other changes are embracing our world right now. Like the changes in the seasons, we have to ask how far will these changes in our world go. I love the fact that people are finally standing up to big money. After seeing all the good that the protest have done this year over in the middle east. The people are feeling empowered. We are now seeing people here in the states start to come out and protest what they are finally seeing as the evil of the corporations. But what is their goal?

The goal is what is illusive in these protest, or at least in what I am hearing about the protesters. They want their jobs back, okay good start. They want their money back, still good. They want less of a class division here in the good old US of A, even better. But from what I have observed they don;t have a real plan on how to accomplish these goals.

With the protest over the past year in the middle east, the goals of the protesters was to change the governments there. To remove a particular leader or party from power. With that you have a concrete goal. A set target, if you will, that you can focus your energy on.

But here in the Occupy protest, they are trying to overthrow ideas of greed and corruption with no particular target in mind. On the local news last night they interviewed one of the local protestors who said that the group was trying to decide what it wanted to accomplish, but they considered this the new American Revolution. How can we have a revolution with no definitive goal? I’m pretty sure that the founding fathers of this country had a goal in mind when they first gathered to start the revolution that lead to the great country we live in today.

The other huge stumbling block facing the protestors is that many of the people they are fighting against aren’t even Americans. Today, with the push for the so called global economy, a vast majority of the people who hold sway over how we do business in this country don’t even live here, they may only come here for business or to go to Disney Land. They don’t care that people are occupying Wall Street or any other street in this country. If it starts impacting their income, then they will simply divert their funds to other places for a while until things cool down over here.

I doubt that these protestors are willing to go to the extremes needed to really cause massive change in our world, because to create the change they are wanting, they have to try and change our world. To really fight the idea of corporate greed they must be willing to stop feeding the corporate monster. People have to say “no” to Walmart, start shopping at the smaller neighborhood stores where things might be a little more expensive, but you know at least the first people whose pockets the money is going into. You have to be willing to say “no” to our disposable world that all the corporations make possible. Are the protestors ready to do this to help populate the changes they want?

We are not fighting a single foe here, or even physical ones, we are up against shadows, ideas and ways of life. The ground work for the current way of thinking goes back over fifty years. When people started having enough money, or could borrow enough money, that they could have a “better” way of life. Since that time we have spread that mentality to the entire “civilized” world. That way of thinking has helped divide families, and isolate people. As a culture we now think about “I” or “ME”. We are isolated in our very beings, and we have been programmed by some of the best add men (and women) in the business to not think about anyone but ourselves. And the kicker to this is we are also programmed to not rely on ourselves, we stand alone, but others (Corporations) must take care of us. You must have a job, don’t be self employed, you can’t get loans, or health insurance if you’re self employed. (Well you pay way to much for insurance if you do) Working for a corporation will protect you, they will help you retire wealthy. Buy from the big name, their product is better. Stay in the city, the cops will protect you. Don’t question your doctor, they know more than you do. You’re too busy to take care of your elderly, let someone else do that. The politicians have our greater good in their hearts.  The preacher will save our souls. All of these thought processes have helped lead us to the point of oblivion, and now we have people finally standing up.

But these people who are standing up appear to have no real focus as to what they truly want. They claim that they are not a political movement, and that they have no political party affiliations. Maybe they need to become a political party to affect long lasting change. Sometimes to defeat the man, you must become a man. I really think it is about time that Americans stand up and scream “NO MORE!” but we have to do more than scream. We have to have a course of action, or the winter will be long, cold and dark.

The winds of change have started, but the snow is not yet blowing. I for one am waiting to see how the seasons are changing. I for one want to see more people standing up and take responsibility for their lives, the lives of their families and friends. Go out feel the winds then let a friend or more know that you care about them. Friends and family are going to be important in the coming seasons.

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