Dr Gnome part 9

Yesterday was a editing focused day, so sorry that I didn’t get a segment up then. So here we have a new entry for Dr. Gnome. Enjoy.


Alchemy Pond walked into the busy main room at The Lady’s Pleasure. He’d checked with Sellingford earlier and confirmed that the gentlemen were scheduled for their regular afternoon games. The wizard scanned the room and spotted the three in a far corner rolling dice on the table.

“Dice isn’t your game,” Major Havenstan laughed at Professor Dryst. Dryst scowled at the troll.

Alchemy paused for a moment watching the exchange until Sellingford addressed him. “Ah Mister Pond, how good of you to join us.”

The elf nodded. “Actually I was looking for the professor.” He gestured toward Dryst.

The older elf looked relieved to get an excuse to remove himself from the gloating troll. He stood and stepped closer to Alchemy.

“How can I help you?”

“I spoke with that safari guide you all recommended,” Alchemy started,” thank you by the way. He said that Berryman found some kind of artifact on one of their hunts that he brought to you, hoping you might be able to tell him what it was.”

The professor paled. “Why yes, Berryman did bring me some old piece of wood that he said he thought might have been part of a magical device of some kind. I looked it over and couldn’t see where he was getting the idea. I couldn’t get any kind of magical readings off it, even with my most sensitive spells.”

Alchemy shook his head. “That’s a shame. I was hoping that it might have been something interesting. Although I prefer modern magic to ancient, I still like to poke around a bit into the old stuff, some of it’s very interesting.”

“If you like, perhaps we can sit and talk about it sometime?” Dryst said, regaining some of his color. “I love discussing old magic with people. Some of the ancient cultures lost so much of their magic due to time and oppression.”

“I’m staying here at the Lady’s Pleasure, so any evening should be great,” Alchemy said. “Would you all mind an extra player this afternoon? You seem to be short one, and I don’t have anything pressing to do.”

“Please take my seat,” the professor said. “I just remembered that I need to meet someone.”

“Yes, please come on over,” Major Havenstan called from the table. “Particularly if Dryst had to go. My day is never complete if my afternoon gaming is disrupted.”

Alchemy nodded to the troll. “If you insist.”


Professor Adwr Dryst hurried through Buteamore. The wizard was getting too noisy. He must let the boss know. Hurrying into the small shop at the edge of the wealthier district, the elf scanned for his goblin contact. The diminutive green man haggled with a customer, a small troll woman, over the price of a bolt of cloth. Dryst waited impatiently, pursing some of the poorly made products for sale. The shop didn’t have anything natural in it. Everything was manufactured in one way or another. Cups of some hard clear material sat on a shelf right about a badly crafted clocks. All the items lacked the love and understanding that most elf made products had.

The proprietor finally finished with the troll and looked up in shock to see Dryst standing there. “You shouldn’t be here,” the goblin hissed, looking around to see if anyone else was in the shop.

“I need to get out to Manticore Hill,” Dryst glared at the little green man.

The goblin shook his head. “Not until nightfall. Too dangerous during the day.”

Dryst grabbed the shop keeper by the lapels of his bright purple shirt. “Look, I need to see the boss this afternoon. That new wizard in town, he’s asking too many questions. I think he may be trouble. The boss needs to know. I need to know if the boss wants me to do anything about him.”

Green eyes boiled hatefully at the elf. “Fine. If you get caught or cause the boss any trouble, it’s on your head. The boss will know I was against this.”

The professor set the goblin back on the floor. “Sorry, this is more stress than I signed on for.”

“You keep man handling me, you’ll find out what stress is,” the little proprietor growled. He turned and went into the back room. Seconds later he returned with another goblin. Dryst really wished he could tell them apart, but all the little green men looked alike to him. In his mind, they were worse than ursa, or humans.

The new goblin walked over to Dryst. “So you want to go out to Manticore Hill? Well what are you waiting for? We need to get moving. You’d best be quiet though. Too much talking scares the ponies.” He turned on his little green heels and stomped out of the shop. Dryst followed him out to a wagon drawn by two wobbly looking ponies.

The elf wondered if the ponies would be enough to get them up the hill, but he kept his mouth shut. He thought he’d already pissed off enough goblins for one day. He didn’t understand why a brilliant mind, like Dr. Gnome, would keep the little irritations around.



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