Dr. Gnome part 11

So we’re having an awesome day around here. Although the day is not over yet, we’ve already topped our previous record sales day on kindle. The new short “The Wolf’s Proposition” is going great guns. Thanks to everyone who’s buying it.

So here’s today’s segment of Dr. Gnome. Remember that we’re trying to get the money together for a professional cover for this one, so feel free to use the pay pal link to the right. Also Don’t forget that this hasn’t been through the editor yet, these post are hot off the fingertips, please be gentle with me. Hope you enjoy.


Alchemy Pond strolled through the lobby of The Lady’s Pleasure. Major Havenstan had indeed proven to be a cunning dice player and more than the wizard had been prepared to deal with had the game been more than just a bit of afternoon fun. He was ready to relax a bit before dinner. Gavin and Staghorn were supposed to meet him at a small café not far away to exchange information. He hoped that their day had been more productive than his. He suspected that Dryst knew something but couldn’t think of a polite way to bow out of the dice game with the major so he couldn’t follow.

“Master Pond!” Gotta called to him as he walked past the desk.

Alchemy turned and smiled at her. “Yes Miss Bagnato?”

She returned his smile with a sparkle in her brown eyes. “The stablemaster asked me to inform you that your ride arrived just after noon.”

The elf felt a weight lift off him. “Thank you Miss Bagnato. I shall go see about it immedately. By the way I believe another night cap might be in order this evening.”

The brownie giggled. “What ever Master Pond needs.” She winked at him.

The stable sat just beyond the drive and carriage lot. Alchemy walked out there. He’d been wonder what was holding up Ashton. The stables huge doors told of the occasional massive beast that were housed there. Alchemy looked down the long row of stalls, trying to spot his friend and mount. Golden feathers peeked over a tall door near the end of the row.

“Ashton!” the elf called out.

“About time you got here,” the griffon replied. “Off with one of your conquest again?”

Alchmey laughed. “Nope, keeping a troll entertained for the afternoon. What kept you, I expected you yesterday. It’s too bad you don’t fit through portals.”

The griffon’s peircing brown eyes looked down is horn-colored beak. “K needed to send you a few things, and then was a major storm between here and there. I couldn’t bypass it and had to put in for almost a whole day in a cave full of cavebears. That was touch and go at first, but after I ate the biggest one, they decided to leave me alone.” Sharp tallons lifted a small parcel from behind the stall wall. Aston dropped his voice. “She sent a vial of manticore antidote, she said it had to be administered within seconds or it will be too late. There’s also some nanticore phermones, she promised that they would let you pass amoung the manticores without harm.”

Alchemy uncorked the bottle and took a sniff. The musky smell of rotting flesh waifted up from the opening. He almost dropped the bottle as he gagged. He returned the cork with a grimace. “Let’s hope I don’t need to use that.”

Aston chuckled. “And if you do, I’m happy I don’t have much of a sense of smell.”

The elf glared at the griffon. “Anything else?”

“Delphinia said to be careful.”


Alchemy looked around his suiet at The Lady’s Pleasure. It was obvious to him that someone other than the maid had been there. He’d carefully laid several magical traps around the room before he’d left for the day. He looked carefully at the chest. “Reveal” With a quick waving motion of his hand, he dismissed the invisibility spell he’d cast on the silver dust he’d sprinkled around the latch. Two distinct parterns of hand prints. One set was small enough to be goblins, the other long and slender had to be trolls. He wasn’t surprised. He walked over to the closet. The silver there had also been disturbed. The prints similar to the ones on the chest.

From the center of the room, he sent of a small feeler of magic, just enough that he could detect other magic in the area. Nothing came from his room. He was sure they hadn’t left any kind of magical warning for themselves. Then he took a pinch of the silver powder and rubbed it between his hands. He released just a bit of magic into the powder.“Blue,” he said softly. The silver in his hands turned a bright shade of blue.

The wizard nodded, then knocking the dust off his hands went to get ready for dinner.


Kojo Rutu’s hands felt strange. He looked down at them and they’d just turned bright blue. The color contrasted badly with the dark green of his skin.

“What the hell?” his troll companion wailed staring at his own pasty brown hands now with blue palms.

The goblin shook his head. “That damned elf had his room trapped and we walked right into it.”

“How do we get it off?” the troll moaned.

“It will wear off in time.” Kojo replied. He’d seen something like this when he and his brothers had worked for elves. It was a simple but effective magic. He wondered if Dr. Gnome would have a technological remedy.


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