Dr Gnome part 15

Still getting the final edit, now doing the last read through, of “Blood Moon Yellow Sky” finished. Had to give my voice a rest and decided to get the next part of Dr. Gnome done.



“Are you sure this is the way?” Ashton asked as he circled the huge dragon-gum tree again.

“She specifically wrote the directions for flying in,” Alchemy replied. “It says right here, turn north at the dragon-gum tree then look for the lake.”

The griffon shook his head. “Well, I’m not seeing any lake.”

Alchemy scanned the forest canopy, trying to spot some body of water. Something sparkeled off to the north west. “How about over there?” he pointed.

The griffon hovered for a moment, getting a bead in that direction. “Looks promosing.” His large golden-brown wings carried them toward the glimmer.


“Here they come,” Kojo Rutu called to the trolls beside him as he spotted the wizard and the griffon turn at the dragon-gum tree. The three ambushers were balanced precariously on the mechanical air steeds that Dr. Gnome instructed them to use, trying to give them an advantage over the griffon-mounted elf.

They stayed in the forest canopy until the griffon passed over them. Then he pulled the goggles down over his eyes and hit the button on the handle bars that caused the thing to chug forward. With a roar of flames and a blast of smoke, the sky steed shot upward. It took all of Kojo’s two hours of training to avoid hitting any of the branches between him and the open sky.

A scream sounded behind him. He glanced back and saw one of the trolls falling through the trees, his metal steed tumbling after him. The goblin focused on the task of getting himself through the dense canopy and hoped that the other troll had the skill to do the same. He knew it was hard for the simple creatures to master such complicated devices, but he couldn’t get any other goblins to come with him. They were quickly becoming afraid of Alchemy Pond, but for Kojo, the last of the Rutu family, it was personal.

His sky steed cleared the canopy and blasted into open air. The griffon flew on ahead. Behind him he heard the troll clear as well. A quick look showed his helper doing better than the other one.The troll leveled the mechaical mount out and with a burst of flames moved to intersept the griffon.


“Okay, what are those things?” Ashton asked.

Alchemy looked back at the strange mechanical flying tubes with a goblin and a troll riding them. “No idea. But I bet they’re here to kill us for Doctor Gnome.”

“I guess we need to show them that if goblins were meant to fly they’d have been born with wings,” Ashton sneered as he circled around toward the pursuers.

The wizard pulled out his wand and gripped the flying saddle’s pomell with his other hand. “Just be careful I bet they have those exploding rods.” No sooner had the words left the elf’s lips than a blast came from the troll zooming toward them. Ashton folded his wings and dropped as the projectile roared past Alchemy’s head.

Another blast came from the goblin. The griffon swung sideways to avoid it. Alchemy watched at the troll tried to do something to the end of his rod. It looked like he was trying to dump something into it. The wizard waved his wand. “Burn!” a fireball shot out of the wand and blazed toward the troll. The troll looked up with horror plastered on its brown face as the fireball came at it. The hot ball of death slammed into the troll’s chest. A loud bang roared through the sky. The troll was knocked backward off the flying tube. It passed through the flames coming out the back of the tube as it somersaulted off. Screams of the frying troll echoed in the clear sky as it fell like a flaming comet into the unforgiving jungle below.

“Do that again!” Ashton hollered. The griffon banked around allowing the elf a clear shot at the goblin.

“Wow, don’t know if this new wand is that good, or what happened there.” Alchemy replied. “Let’s see what happens next.”


Kojo Rutu watched in horror as the troll, who’s name he couldn’t remember, plumetted in a spinning flaming mass toward the canopy far below them. He tried to get the powder and lead ball into the end of his exploding tube. He knew his mechanical mount wasn’t as manuverable as the griffon. His only hope would be to shoot the elf.

The griffon dropped below the trajectory of his sky steed. He looked around trying to find it as he dropped the ball into his tube. Where had the beast gone. Large metal chains appeared around his sky steed. The device rocked and pitched. Kojo grabbed the handles, trying to level out the thing before he went flying into thin air. His hands gripped the metal bars and he pulled back the way the gnome engineer told him to do. The mechanical mount roar and shot higher into the sky. The little goblin lost his seat for a moment. Fear of falling clamped his fingeres tightly around the handles. He breathed a sigh of relief as the machine leveled out, then realized that he’d dropped his exploding rod. He had to escape, get back to Dr Gnome and shamefully report his failure.



“Faster!” Alchemy cried as the metal flying tube shot away from them, flames shooting out of the rear.

Ashton poured on the speed, overtaking the contraption. He grabbed the gnome off the seat, having the yank really hard to get the little green man to let go of the handles. “Where’s Doctor Gnome?” the giffon growled at the terrified goblin.

“I’ll never tell you!” the goblin screamed and plunged a knife into the griffon’s foot.

“Shit!” Ashton yelled, and flung the goblin away.

“You alright?” Alchemy asked.

“The little shit stapped my foot,” the griffon replied.

The elf watched the golbin’s green shape pinwheel down into the jungle below as the flying tube plumeted.“So much for getting information out of him.”

“Can you get me on to Gotta’s before getting that looked at?” Alchemy asked, looked over the griffon’s shoulder to the injured claw.

“I think so,” Ashton replied. “I’ll send Martin back for you.”

Alchemy spotted a red flag waving in the distance. “There’s the flag.”

Ashton changed course to head toward the flapping cloth that the brownie had promised to hang out for them.


Soft brown hands lowered the far seeing scope from softer brown eyes. The sky battle had been interesting, but the goblin and his troll had failed. Well maybe gentler methods would prevail.

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  1. I’m having withdrawal symptoms – it’s been five days.

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