Paypal censorship

I tried to post the majority of this as a comment on a different blog, but blog spot doesn’t like me today and I can’t post comments there, so might as well post this here, why waste a perfectly good rant.


For those that may not have heard, paypal has decided that writers using its service can not sell certain types of books, they have labeled things with shapeshifters, werewolves and the like, as bestiality and not allowed along with several other things. There is a lot about this all over the net right now. Writers are up in arms and rightly so.

My comment:

I started seeing this announced this weekend. There is a disturbing trend in the country about people confusing their personal morality with everything else. This type of actions need not be tolerated by the general public. Companies like Paypal and people like our politicians need to understand that they work for us, without us there would be no them. We need to let Paypal know there are alternatives to their services and if they want to get all high and mighty about stuff we can send our money through other means. I have a friend that does a lot of business through etsy and doesn’t use paypal, there is a different service that she and a bunch of the crafters use. I’m going to check and see what that service is. Sorry but they start regulating werewolves to bestiality what’s next no gay sex, no alternative religion, no mixed race couples? These companies that think they are too big to fail, need to be reminded that without their customers they would be nothing.

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1 Response to Paypal censorship

  1. A. R. Braun says:

    Yes, A.M., that is insane. We need to stand up tp Paypal.

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