Odd Political Rant (possibly part 1)

I want to start this off by saying that right now I’m inhabited by several of the seven dwarves, Happy, Dock and Dopy are not in residence and Grumpy is having fits. So if I offend anyone, not really sorry, but folks need to see the world for what it really is, or at the very least get a look at how I see it through my years of observation. I try to stay out of politics and don’t discuss religion with everyone I meet because it’s just not worth the arguments. Over time the shit just builds up and eventually it comes pouring out sorta like what my allergies are doing to me here lately. Also debating if this is going to be the start of a couple of blog posts or just one. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

So after that introduction to this, onto a bit of ranting…

I watched this video this morning put out by NOM…yeah every so often I watch shit like this just to see what the opposition is saying about me and my way of life. Right now with the election bearing down on us like a pack of blind buffalo determined to plow over everything in their path without seeing anything around them. So this video and so much of the rest of it has just boiled over with me. Am I pro marriage equality??? HELL YES!!! That said I’m tired of hearing about it. The politico has been using this as a smoke screen for over twenty years. Let’s distract people by something that in the BIG SCHEME of things doesn’t matter. Eventually we will have marriage equality in this country, just accept it, live with it and stop fighting it, there are more important things in the world that worrying about who is who. While we have been distracted by this, unemployment has gone through the roof, the country’s debt has sky rocketed, we are waging wars for no reason other than building another bloody oil pipeline (check into this one folks, Halliburton Oil was told they couldn’t build an oil pipeline from the Black Sea to the Indian Ocean so a short time later 9-11 happened and we went to war. Yeah they covered this one up. BTW the pipeline is being built while our troops defend the builders.) So while all this is going on, why are the churches worrying about gay marriage?

We have people in the Middle East doing their best to put women back in chains in the name of their religion. Oh wait, that’s happening over here too. People are screaming about the government telling people that birth control has to be provided to any woman who wants it. WOW what an idea, population control. No unwanted children. Why shouldn’t every child born be born to a loving family that wants it? Of course for years I’ve thought that people should have to undergo licensing to have children. I had to do that to be a falconer, why shouldn’t Buba and Cloe have to do that to bring life into the world and be expected to care for it. A few years ago during Bush II years they were pushing abstinence only sex ed…yeah that works let’s see the number of unwanted/unplanned pregnancies go up. Speaking of that, do these anti abortionist actually think they will be helping our world. One of the most stupid things I’ve seen recently was an attempt to outlaw masturbation…saying that it was killing unborn children…yeah the millions of unborn children I’ve killed is incredible. By forcing women to bear unwanted children creates even more problems for society by creating future adults with mental problems. On the whole, children born of loving, wanting parents turn out a whole lot better than children who are viewed as burdens rather than gifts. EVERY CHILD DESERVES A LOVING FAMILY!!! Our planet is already over populated do not force unloved children into this world, you are doing a disservice to both the child, the mother, and the planet. If people don’t want children then they should be sterilized. Sorry but don’t use abortion as repeated birth control. I’ve met people who’ve had dozens of abortions, that can be fixed by fixing the female. It amazes me that we are still fighting over this too. Sorry easy fixes here. Nice easy science based education can solve a lot of the problems here. Oh yeah, there’s nothing in the bible about abortion folks, stop waving that book around on this one.

Now while we’re talking politics here, why can’t these damned people tell the truth? This week there was a republican that claimed his opponent had voted for obamacare…his opponent has never held office, he couldn’t have. But the truth doesn’t matter, lies help spread fear around. Keep people afraid and they are more apt to do what you want them to. The news reports have been running fact checking on the candidates, both local and federal. WOW. Some of these guys couldn’t tell a truth if you strapped them to a chair and injected them with truth serum. The sad thing is that the American people believe all this crap that is being spewed around. WE NEED TO WAKE UP PEOPLE! We’ve been lied to for several generations now and it’s only getting worse. I noted when Bush II was in office that it was like they weren’t even trying to hide the lies anymore, and it’s just gotten worse with time. They are hoping that we aren’t paying attention for more than a couple of seconds. When Obama took office, the republicans said that their goal was to make sure that he was going to be a one term president…do they bother to bring that up now???NO!!! They don’t bother to point out that the failed programs are ones that they made sure would fail, they just point the finger at the person they want to appear at fault. These are the same closested fools that keep voting down equal rights legislation while getting caught in the bathroom screwing the male interns.

I got a chuckle out of the picture today of Ryan doing dishes in a soup kitchen where the manager of the place said that he barged in, wanted a photo op, grabbed a clean pot and had a couple of pictures taken of him spraying water on it. The man probably hasn’t washed a dish in years, since his mother told the maid to take the night off when he was being punished for something. (No real clue on that one, it just sounds good) This on the same day that it comes out that he told Focus on the Family that he’d do what he could to get anti-gay legislation passed. Yeah more smoke and mirrors. Sorry I wouldn’t vote for him if he came out of the closet tomorrow, but people will vote for him because he’s attractive and charismatic, while he plays so well to the false fears that he and his party members fan the flames of. It obvious that they don’t care about people other than the big corps who pay them the big bucks. The real puppet masters in all this, the bankers and corporations. Throw in the churches and you have the big picture. (BTW, back in time Eisenhower warned that the religious right was trying to get control of the republican party and when that happened it wouldn’t be good for the USA.)

So I’ve gone on a bit today…still have more that I’d like to point out. We’ll see how much hate mail I get over this and see if Grumpy is still running amok tomorrow. Later this week, hopefully we’ll get back to more writing related stuff.

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One Response to Odd Political Rant (possibly part 1)

  1. I agree with almost everything you’ve said. However I take exception to one point – “that can be fixed by fixing the female”. As you know from having gelded your horses, it’s easier and cheaper to “fix” the male. My daughter had surgery after her third child (one that was wanted by her and his father) then the father left (paying no child support) and now has two more kids.

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