Political Rant #2

Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of violence in the good ole US of A. Psychos are going on shooting rampages in theaters, malls and most recently (again) a school. We have people screaming online about gun control and God (the Christian God, not any of the others), oh yeah and let’s not forget that the world will be ending next week. I find all of this knee jerk reaction to what’s going on a) very predictable and b) very modern human. Come on folks there isn’t just one problem here, there are several. Let’s take a moment and look at things from the little bit that we know, ‘cause a majority of these folks that go on these shooting rampages end up taking their own lives. For that I would like to say “thank you for saving the tax payers tons of cash on your food, housing and trial because we know our own politicians don’t mind spending the money on other useless shit.” (that last part is a rant for another day)

So folks are screaming for gun control. Really, you really think that becoming a nanny state like Great Briton is the way to go. You really want to outlaw weapons and then punish everyone who might think about defending themselves. Did any of you twits even stop to realize that in countries that have strict weapon control, it starts with guns and before you know it, it’s illegal to own a carving knife because people might kill someone with it? (I’m not making this stuff up.) Actually there are more people attacked every year by knives and baseball bats than guns. Sure you can kill more people in one attack with a gun, but really. People are saying that times are changing and that we no longer needed guns as is allowed for in the Bill of Rights. Sorry we do still need guns. I live in the mountains of Colorado. We have bears, mountain lions and coyotes wander through our place from time to time. I like knowing that there are loaded weapons around in case I need to defend myself, my people, or my critters. (No we don’t normally have small children around.) My baseball bat won’t do much against a bear, but it sits near the front door with the rifle anyway. Yeah, I don’t exactly see the point of claiming someone needs an AK47 for hunting. Bambi never stood a chance. Oh wait, Dick Chaney likes taking his friends out with fully automatic weapons to hunt quail…yeah he was hunting quail. (sorry wandered off topic.) I totally believe that an armed society is a polite society. If everyone had a gun, and there was a greater chance that criminals would get shot while perpetrating their crimes, they might think a couple times before going out and doing the things they do. Sure we might have a bit of a die off as people adjusted to everyone being able to defend themselves, but population control is a major issue in our world today too.

For the religious nut jobs out there that are screaming if “God” was in the schools we wouldn’t have these shootings…WTF??? Really, you really think that would solve anything. How many priest, pastures, deacons and other people in positions of power in your own churches are guilty of crimes against humanity? How well does your god keep the children safe? He doesn’t, you just feel better forcing your religion down everyone’s throat. What is better in these cases, having a child die instantly by a bullet from an unknown gunman, or slowly over time each time a “respected” pedophile priest pulls him into an office to perform unspeakable acts on a regular basis and then when he gets caught runs to a higher member of the church to help cover up the act. Both options are unthinkable and rob children of their lives. If people want god in school, send your children to religious run education. Now this also begs the question of which God? Yours, mine, or everyones? You do realize that across the world there are thousands of deities worshiped every day. Yours isn’t the one true god, no matter what BS you’ve been feed for the past two thousand years. There are a few of the deities out there that would feed off the energies of these senseless acts. Do you really want them in our schools? America is a country founded on religious freedom. One of the prime tenants of religious freedom is separation of church and state. (we don’t want to become another Afghanistan.)This is something that folks have forgotten over the past few years. We all have the freedom to worship as we please and who we please. Don’t forget that.

I saw a ludicrous post yesterday that people who couldn’t move out of the US should pull their children out of public schools and home school them…Yeah that works. Sorry I’ve know some home schooled people, once in a while they turn out okay…most of the time you can look at them and go “You were home schooled weren’t you?” Home schooling isn’t the answer, if anything it makes the problem worse because instead of raising children who have the ability to deal with others, (properly socialized) you normally end up with adults who are not prepared to deal with the world outside the home. (I’m not even going into the lack of basic learning skills like forming complete and proper sentences.) Schools may not be 100% safe. Nowhere is. People die walking in the park. They die in cars. They die in airplanes. We are, for the most part, human, it doesn’t take much to physically kill us. What we have to fight against is people, religions, corporations, and governments killing us mentally. We evolved very complex brains, and we are quickly forgetting how to use them.

Now there are solutions to these problems that are plaguing out world. You might ask, what are they. (Trigger the folks music, tie dye, and hippy beads, no pot smoke, I’m allergic) But seriously folks, LOVE is a big part of the answer. Out world is eaten up by hate and misunderstanding. Even groups that profess to love everyone, or tout the power of love, pour out tons of hate energy every day. Now, I’m not saying you have to go out and love everyone, some folks are beyond love, sorry I know that sounds contradictory, but the second part of this is being smart and intelligent. I don’t advocate anyone doing anything blindly, that’s stupid and sheep like. But I think that if more people had more love in their lives there would be less senseless violence. Love starts at home. True love, unconditional love should be the core to every family unit out there. This is something that our society, our world is lacking. People are so set on having everything their way and their way only, that they can’t see beyond themselves. How can we expect our children to love when we can’t show them what it means? If it’s more important for you to get your hair done than make sure your child has a good meal, what kind of message does that send? If it’s more important for you to spend time on facebook than read your child a story when you put them to bed, (don’t get me started on the importance of reading) what kind of message does that send? If you can’t be bothered to play with your kids because you’re watching TV or playing video games and they go to their grandmother and say “grandma, I’m lonely,” how is that shaping your child’s life? (Hopefully they have a grandma who loves them) Love starts at home folks. Don’t tell your kids “Get away from me you bother me!” or “I can’t deal with you!” all you’re doing is telling them you don’t love them. If you expect them to understand that the expensive bike you bought them is love, you’re wrong, and you’re shaping them to expect that from everyone in the future, and that makes for some really messed up adults. This is really simple. Oh yeah and it just might, well probably would, help prevent a lot of the mental disorders out there. If your kids see you having to get high, drunk, stoned or whatever to deal with life, that’s not showing them love, that’s wallowing in self pitty and destruction and helps perpetuate that mentally in future generations. As a world, we are too wrapped up in our individual selves to understand the idea of loving others.

Look at some of the information that has been released about yesterday’s school shooting. (I limit myself from using names on things because names are power and I don’t want to empower this type of behavior anymore than the mass media already does.) The shooter was not mentally stable, on meds, he started off by shooting his own mother. No one, no matter how unstable, if they had felt true unconditional love from a parent, should be able to kill their parent. He then took her gun (her gun, not his, gun control wouldn’t have helped here) and went to the school where he killed members of her class. Most likely he felt they were a part of her, probably that she loved them more than she loved him. The odds are that love, not gun control and not god in schools, would have prevented this tragedy.

In our busy modern world where it’s hard to make financial ends meet on just one income, parents often have to work multiple jobs to provide for their families. That aspect of our world is getting harder by the day. Sometimes the easy route is to turn to drugs, alcohol and focus on yourself to get through (although if you weren’t smoking, drinking, whatever how much more money would you have for bills? Another rant for another time.) If you have children, pets, family or anyone who depends on you, don’t expect them to understand that you’re stressed by life or upset by things. You have to be stronger than the world around you. The love starts with you. If we want this world of ours to change, it’s not going to be a quick change. Our world didn’t get into the mire it is now over night. It’s going to be a long arduous process that’s going to take a lot of work. The first step is to step outside ourselves and love the people around us, really care about the people closest to us. And hopefully, like the green grass that comes up with the spring rains, they will spread that love out to others and things will change. We will stop destroying everything and everyone around us to get attention. If people reach out to one another and receive the love they so desperately want and need, this world will be a better place. More love, less hate, more compassion, less greed. I think that is what this world needs. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met over the years that never got real love as children and are starving for it as adults, but don’t know how to accept it. We have to break that cycle if we want real change in our world.

(Okay this political rant is now over. Time to get back to my regular fiction writing and you can go back to your hating or stop and think about loving folks and make a change.)


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